——— D722301

                                LI-ION BRUSHLESS ROTARY HAMMER

                                18v/4.0Ah Battery Capacity
                                0-1100r/min No-Load Speed
                                60min Charge Time
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                                ? SENCAN 2020


                                Battery Capacity 18v/4.0Ah
                                Max Drilling Dia concrete φ23mm
                                Max Impact Rate 0-4800/min
                                No-Load Speed 0-1100r/min
                                Charge Time 60min
                                Impact Energy 2.5J
                                Machine weight 3.2Kg
                                Measurement 53.5*37.5*35cm
                                G.W./N.W./PCS 26.0/18.0KGS,3pcs/ctn


                                Brushless motor, more energy saving and longer service life than brush motor

                                Large size cylinder (φ21),the larger the cylinder,the greater the impact force, the higher the drilling efficiency

                                With mechanical safety clutch to ensure user safety

                                Adopting the cylindrical head shell with good sealing performance,no deformation and oil leakage for? long time using

                                Quick change drill bit through SDS

                                Exclusive battery pack structure design, single cell independent protection, better protection against over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit, over-charge and discharge protection, safer use process

                                Dual function: hammer drilling&drilling

                                Unique and exquisite appearance

                                Power sharing pack

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